Bridge Construction

Simply put, we don’t put our signature on anything less than excellent. Bridges can be expensive, but it is difficult to duplicate the professionalism and quality produced by HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. in bridge construction.

You can be sure with HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. that every bridge is built with the right materials and superior craftsmanship to ensure the longevity and durability of your bridge. When partnering with HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. we will surpass your expectations. Our professionals have that experience and know how to build the best and build it to last for future generations to enjoy. We will not lower our standards.

At HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. concrete Bridges are our passion. We conduct all business with the highest level of integrity, never compromising on quality. After all, we have more than 50 Years of experience in the field of construction. Just some of the other reasons construction industry professionals have been choosing HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. for the last many years:

Commitment to Quality

HAKAS (Pvt) Ltd. consistently demonstrates our commitment to Quality Control. Hakas Pvt Ltd decreases the maintenance requirements by returning to your bridge within few days after construction to perform the initial maintenance. Hakas’s Quality Control programs ensure consistency, but on-site construction ensures adaptability to changes at site or last minute project modifications.



Hakas’s tri-annual foremen meetings, weekly safety meetings and random safety audits ensure or crews are performing to the highest levels of industry best practices.